Monday, April 6, 2015

Gender Predictions

Everyone asks me what I think this baby is and I have no gut feeling one way or the other. So I thought I'd put together one of those gender predictions things together and see if it is right!

Heart Rate: It has almost ALWAYS been around 140-150. Girl

Cravings: It's been consistently sweets...mainly ice cream and candy bars! Girl

Baby Bump: Really hard to say! I'm pretty short waisted so don't really have much room for where a baby can go. They say if it is low, it's a boy. If it's high, it's a girl. I've looked at pictures from Jack's pregnancy and Kenzi's pregnancy and they all look pretty similar! Not sure

Chinese Birth Calendar: Mine says girl.

Wedding Ring test: Mine did a circle. Girl (although some of the stuff online says circle is boy, but most of them I found said a circle is girl)

Morning sickness: It started before I found out I was pregnant and lasted until about 26 weeks....same with Kenzi. Girl
Hair Growth: They say that extra hair growth on your legs is caused by elevated testosterone. I haven't had that this time around. Girl
Husband's family: More brothers than sisters. Old wives' tale says boy for this.
Feet: My feet have been on fire! My whole body seems hot! They say that's a girl.
Snacking: If I am going for a snack, I typically go for Colby jack cheese before I head for an apple. Boy
Chest size: A lot bigger. It's ridiculous. That says boy.
So those are the few quizzes that I've found and how it pans out. That makes it look a lot more like a girl than a boy! So I guess we will see...about the only thing that makes me lean more one way than another was one of the techs getting really quiet and when I asked what she was scanning and looking at she said the leg and she was hoping I hadn't noticed, as the baby wasn't being very secretive...which makes me think boy, but I didn't pay attention, so have no idea!
And an update...things have been going well. I'm now 35 weeks, which is AMAZING!!! I only have two more weeks to be at 37 weeks and really feel in the clearing for no NICU! Thank you again for all of the prayers! I have another growth ultrasound and doctor's appointment on Thursday, so hopefully our last set of good pictures and some good weight gain for baby! Until then...

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