Sunday, August 30, 2009

A little bit of this and that!

Here's a bunch of pictures from this summer!

Yesterday, we had an absolutely great day!! Mommy and Jackson went and walked in the Heart Walk with Aunt Nikki and some of Mommy's co-workers. Then after a trip to Target and a nice long nap, we all went golfing. Jackson did extremely well!! He stayed in the cart when he needed to and got out and putted...he did great! Then we decided that we would go to our first Brandon Valley football gam! When we got there, we couldn't find a single seat on the home side, but found a few people that we knew! Mainly, kiddos from Jack's daycare, but it was neat to see people that we knew!! So we decided to venture over to the visitor's side and see if we could find a seat there. As we were walking, we saw Charlie, another kiddo from daycare! Charlie and his family were sitting with another daycare family, so YAY for finding someone we knew to sit with!! We had a great time visiting with the other daycare kiddos and Jack was excited to see them too! We made it to the end of the 3rd quarter before Jack was kinda tired and it was getting pretty chilly. So we don't know if Brandon won or lost, but it was fun anyway!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Jackson!!

Jackson Conrad Burns has officially turned 2!! His Mickey Mouse party was a success! He woke up Saturday morning and saw all of the plates and his face got this huge smile on his face and goes "my party!" He was so excited!! He watched all morning as I made his Mickey Mouse cake and wanted to eat it so badly. His party was fantastic. We had all sorts of family and friends come and celebrate with us! He got lots of great gifts, including Mr. Potato Head, a dump truck, some new tricycles, racetracks, semis, a lawn mower...the list goes on and on!!Jack enjoyed having all of his friends over to play. They blew lots and lots of bubbles, played on the swingset and ate cake and monster cookies. Jack loved having Happy Birthday sung to him over and over since Saturday!

Jackson also had his 2 year check up today which he "passed" with flying colors! He weighed in at 25 lbs 10 oz and was 33" long. Dr. Wallace laughed at him when she walked in and Jack said "Hi, Dr. Wallace" with his ever-so-cute smile! She got a kick out of it!

Until next time...

Monday, August 3, 2009

"Fire"-Free house!

It's been a while and Jack has had a few new accomplishments since the last time I posted anything! The biggest accomplishment Jack has made so far is that he is now PACIFIER-FREE!!! YAY!!! That (well, besides potty training) was probably the thing I was the most nervous about. I just made all of the pacifiers disappear and then when it was time to get ready for bed, Jack went to look for on and I just said they were gone. He told me they went on a trip and that was that! The first 4 or 5 days was a little rocky for bedtime and Jen said naps were a little sketchy for a few days, but as of last Wednesday, Jack has been going to bed without a fuss (most nights) and has been sleeping great! So YAY for something I thought we would never accomplish!

We spent this last weekend in Hartley for Jon to play in the Northwest Iowa Amateur Tournament. He played really well and placed 7th. Out of 350 people, I'd say that's pretty awesome! Anyway...I'm trying to upload some new videos, but am having some troubles...hopefully can figure it out soon! Check back soon!