Monday, March 21, 2011

Halfway mark!

Well folks, we've made it halfway! 20 weeks is upon us and things are looking great! I had an ultrasound this morning that looked great. Cervical length was thicker than last time...not sure how it gets thicker, but there's lots of factors that contribute...time in pregnancy, ultrasound tech measurements, etc. We'll take what we get and are thankful for that! Monkey was much more cooperative this time around and gave us some good pictures this time. Our computer is back on the fritz so we need to wait until it comes back to scan them in and get them up. We were joking at work that this babe will probably be better documented prenatally than after! Ultrasounds every 2 weeks with pics every time...I could make an entire scrapbook of just this! There has been much more Monkey movement lately which is fun. I can't wait for Jon and Jack to be able to feel the kicks...both are excited about that!

Shots are going better than expected. Jon is doing an excellent job! There's another lady at work who is a few weeks ahead of me and she's also doing shots. She's having some of the nurses do it for her and Jon was fairly excited when I told him that she had bruises from her shots. Haven't had that yet...Jon is proud! :) Still not fun, but going well. 3 down...15 more to go!

Our big move is this week...Jack is being very helpful with packing up his own things, although he does get a tad confused about what we're taking with us. Toys...yes. Counter...no. Bikes...yes. Walls...no. He'll get it figured out eventually! Our next blog will be at our new address...how exciting!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Ta Da!!

Here's the pics of Monkey! Our small being is definitely a bit bashful though!! It wouldn't show their face at all...just a few profile pics. Everything looks spectacular and the baby is growing as expected! And this child did a very good job of keeping it's gender a secret...so don't ask, we have no idea!!

heart beat: 157

Upside down
profile shot

I had my first progesterone shot today too, which while it wasn't exactly pleasant, I am pleased to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! Maybe after 18 weeks of this, I'll be able to do shots with no problems. I think Jon is secretly excited that he gets to give them, but won't fully admit it! :) Jon and I decided that it's good to set goals, so our goal is to get all 18 shots in! That means I would be at least 36 weeks...good goal to shoot for! Thanks for checking in!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

18 weeks and counting...

This is the last time for about 18 weeks that I'll be able to remember my hiney not being stabbed! That's right...I have the joy of starting my progesterone shots tomorrow. Because Jackson decided to make an early entrance into this world, I will be getting to do weekly progesterone shots to help maintain this pregnancy until 36 weeks. Now, to most of you this wouldn't be a huge deal (and in all reality, it probably won't be...I'm sure I'll get used to it) BUT for me...I hate, DESPISE, dread, will do anything to avoid shots!! I make people go with me to hold my hand for a stinkin' flu shot! This is not going to be fun, but maybe, just maybe it'll get me over my needle phobia!

Tomorrow is also an exciting day, as we will be having our big ultrasound tomorrow! And no, for those of you out there who are wondering, we will not be finding out the sex of this little being. We were surprised with Jack and loved that surprise so will be doing that again! We're just hoping for a nice, healthy baby. We've got names picked out for both a boy and a girl (and yes, those will also be kept a secret!) so we're ready to go!

I'll post ultrasound pictures tomorrow!