Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 17

Week 17 is upon us! Over the last week, I thought maybe the puking was going to stop as I went 2 days without the fun, but no such luck...came back in full force last night and seems like today will be a repeat.  :(  Monkey's acrobats are definitely becoming more distinct now, which is a lot of fun. Jack is convinced that he can see Monkey moving around when we're getting ready for bed. I keep telling him it's just Mommy breathing, but he still thinks it's Monkey. Jack is so excited to be a big brother...every night at bedtime, he lifts up my shirts, lays his little head on my belly and says his prayers and sweetly as can be. Then he talks to Monkey for a while, gives kisses and rubs my belly.

Next Monday is our big ultrasound, which I'm super duper excited about. We can't wait to take another peak at Monkey and watch the acrobats that I've been feeling! We'll get to do a 4D ultrasound, which is really cool to see. Sanford (our hospital) is doing a research study, called Safe Passage, to study prenatal care and SIDS. I got chosen for this study and it certainly is interesting! They asked everything from how much macaroni and cheese I ate the month before I got pregnant to when was your last alcoholic drink prior to conception and what was it.  Odd to say the least and hard to remember! One of the bonuses to this study is some extra ultrasounds throughout...I can certainly answer some odd questions if we get extra peaks of Monkey! After the baby is born, they will do some extra hearing tests, watch brain waves and movements...also random, but we know this research study will do some good!

Well...the brownies I made are calling my name, along with the mint oreo ice cream! The only benefit to all of this puking is minimal weight gain so far...my sweet tooth is thankful for that right now, I guess!  Until next week!!

Here's the pics we've taken of Monkey's growth!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

And we're at 16 weeks!

We've officially made it to 16 weeks...only (let's hope it's this long) 24 weeks to go!  Everyone keeps telling me that "oh you're in you're second trimester, the puking will get better." But I'm still waiting for that to happen!  Took a new medication that my doctor gave me, but it makes me feel a bit drugged and sedated...so what's worse?!?  Feeling nauseous or so tired I may forget I have a child to take care of?!? Hard to say! 

Jackson has lovingly nicknamed our baby, monkey, and continues with it, so that's what this babe will be called until his/her arrival!  Monkey is starting to do some mild acrobats over this past week.  Seems that Monkey likes sweets or just eating in general, as that's when I feel the most movement!  Jack is still very excited and wanting to talk with Monkey and sing songs, but has a hard time remembering that he can't just run and jump on Mommy for a while.  Gentle reminders...and it'll happen soon enough! 

Here's to hoping that everyone is right with the prediction that puking will stop soon!  It'd be a huge plus to our lives right now!!  We'll catch up soon!

Jon, Libby, Jack and Monkey

P.S. This week's homemade ice cream will be Mint Oreo...I'm ecstatic!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

It's Baby Time!

I guess it's time to make the official post!  Jackson is excited to announce that he's going to be a big brother in August!!!  My official due date is my best friend's birthday...August 5th!  So yes, everyone's curiosity about why we are moving is correct...we need another bedroom!  Jackson is extremely excited!  The night that we told him, he did his nervous/excited giggle for like 2 or 3 minutes straight!  And then it was right into talking to the baby, giving the baby kisses, singing songs to the baby...over and over.  I had an early ultrasound that Jack got to come along for.  All he said was, "it looks like a little monster."

Overall, I've been feeling OK...well, scratch that idea.  I've puked almost every single day since about 8 weeks...7 weeks of getting sick every night is not my idea of fun, but what do you do!  It's all a part of making a miracle I guess.  I've tried different meds and nothing seems to do the trick.  My doctor gave me something else to try and said it might cause some drowsiness...HAHA!!  I felt like I had taken a horse tranquilizer!  I took it at 5:30 and was dead asleep on the couch at 7:30 and didn't even move until 10:30 when Jon woke me up to go to bed...and then slept until my alarm went off!  So scratch that one off the list!  Other than getting sick almost every day, I've felt pretty good.  Hopefully it continues that way!

Now because Jackson decided to make an early arrival, it bought me a visit with a perinatologist (a doctor who specializes in taking care of high risk pregnancies).  Lucky me, starting at 18 weeks, I'll get to be doing progesterone shots.  If anyone knows me extremely well, I HATE shots and HATE needles!  Oh well, it's all a part of pregnancy I guess!  Jon will be learning how to administer these and he's been given 1 warning...if he doesn't do a very good job....I'm finding someone at work to give them!  I'm sure it'll be fine...I'm just not looking forward to it at all!!  I'll also be getting ultrasounds every other week to check my cervical length.  They don't know when I actually started with preterm labor with Jack, so we're being extra cautious this time.  We're not planning on finding out what gender this little being is until he/she arrives, so hopefully with that many ultrasounds....it stays a secret! 

Come back often to see how things are going...with this going on, I'm hoping to be better at updating our blog!