Saturday, April 25, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Weekend Away

Jon and I took a trip up to the Cities this weekend for Brad and Cherie's wedding reception. We had some great times with a lot of friends from college. Here's the picture of the whole clan at the big event! A good picture of everyone...that's hard to do!Aunt Nikki came out to play until Oma and Opa could get up here. Jack spent the weekend with them and from the sounds of it, really enjoyed that! There was lots of time spent outside on his swingset, numerous walks and playing "hoop" all day! Oma and Opa said he went down for bed like a charm, ate like a horse and entertained everyone all weekend. Thanks for coming and helping out this weekend!!

Oh yeah, this is how Jon found Jackson on Friday morning. He woke up around 2:15 in the morning and when I stumbled into his room, I vaguely remember something crazy about his hair...well, this is what came about in the morning. To make it even more entertaining, Jon didn't fix it and he ran errands with him looking like that! Daddy said there were more than a few laughs about it!

P.S. Daycare is going better. Jackson is getting used to it more and more. He talks about it and mentions the other kids a lot. Jen said it's going fine...he's playing well, napping well, and the kids all enjoy getting Jack to say new words for them! Sounds like in a week or so, Jack will be adjusted just fine!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

one apprehensive little boy!

well...jack's first day didn't go as well as hoped!! he wasn't too happy about being left, but jenn said after they snuggled with his blankie and pacifier for a while, he did better. she said he ate a good breakfast and a decent lunch. it took him about 10 min to go down for his nap, which i expected. jenn had a doctor's appointment today so was actually closing a 2:30, so jack's nap got interrupted when i went to pick him up. she did say the other kids thought he was really fun and loved the way he talks! she said they like the way he says puppy and his eyes get all big and excited...so they had him say it a lot! when we left, he was asking about "den" which is what he says for jen and "hooper" (for cooper, one of the babies there) so it must not have been horrible for him! i'm sure he'll do fine, it'll just take time for him to adjust. luckily he'll have a short day tomorrow and then jon is off on friday since we're going to the cities this weekend. nikki will come out to play on friday until oma and opa get up here! we'll see how jack does tomorrow. he talked about jenn's house when we got home, so hopefully that's a good sign! best get going and get some laundry done. until next time...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Hello everyone- We hope that you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter! We enjoyed our trip down to Nebraska to spend Easter with Oma and Opa. Jackson seemed to enjoy his Easter and keeps talking about bunnies and eggs (which he really calls footballs). Here's some pics from the weekend:

Not so sure about the Easter Bunny. He quickly warmed up and asked about him when we left!Going to find his 2 eggs at the community Easter egg hunt. Taking his two eggs to Opa
Daddy and Jackson having a good time at the Wimmer's house for a bonfire. Jack loved running around Ann and George's big backyard!! He jumped on the trampoline, chased around their cat, and ate a great on-the-go (he'd just go and stop at his little picnic table for a bite) supper of hotdogs, strawberries and s'mores!

The Burns family Easter picture 2009

He wouldn't sit still long enough to take a picture in his outfit...this was the best we got!

Hugging his bunny!! His new thing is to ask for hugs and kisses.
On a side note: Jackson is starting a new daycare on Wednesday. Jack and Mommy are hanging out tomorrow and then going to go over and play at Jennifer's house tomorrow afternoon. He'll start at Jenn's on Wednesday. She looks like it's going to be a great daycare. She does kinder-music with the kids, does sign language....the list goes on and on! Hopefully the transition goes smoothly and he does okay at the new place.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Say Cheese!!

Here's a few pics from the past week! Jackson eating "pop" for a snack. He loves popcorn! I was making it one night and asked Jack if he could hear the popping. Now he just calls it pop!!Jack got his haircut on Monday (Erica was sick, so I was home with him all day!) and he was so tired that he fell asleep through our stop at Office Max AND he slept through the stop at Hobby Lobby too! He slept so long during his nap I went to check o him and this is what I found:
We went out to the Palisades this last weekend with Oma and Opa. Here's a few pics from that:

The King and Queen Rocks out at the Palisades

No, we're not really potty training Jack yet, but we'll stick him on there every once and a while. Well he had pooped, so I put him on and went to get a diaper. This is what I came back to! Crazy kiddo!!