Thursday, July 9, 2009

New things about Jack

  • As you saw in the video, Jackson can now count to 10, which I found out when I was cutting his fingernails and counting how many we had done...I was shocked!
  • I was making supper last night and heard Jackson run by and all of the sudden heard him say "slow down!"
  • He is big into sharing. If he's playing cars, he'll bring you a car too, and that is YOUR car...don't try and give it back or put it down...he'll find you to give it back!
  • Jackson loves the swimming pool! He is not such a big fan of being sprayed in the face though.
  • He remembers everyone now! Since being in Hartley and West Point with our families, he asks for his cousins a LOT now!
  • He answers "no" to everything...and if he agrees, he answers "k"
  • If he drops something, he'll say "oops" or "oopsie"
  • Jackson is talking in somewhat sentences now. A few days ago, I cut a strawberry in half and he said "two of them"
  • He really likes to pick out things...and if he does, his response is "dis one"
  • Our garage door has been on the fritz for a while now...when we pull into the driveway, he'll say "Daddy, fix it" (must have said that one too many times!)
  • Jack loves to help cook right now...he'll push a chair over to help stir or watch what's going on in the kitchen
  • Jack goes "racin" a lot with his new matchbox cars that he loves! He'll grab his cars and go, "racin, mommy, racin"
  • He can now sing the clean up song...although he doesn't always help clean up when he sings it, but it's getting better!
  • Jack is starting to figure out how to prolong bedtime...he sure tries hard! Good thing Mom and Dad aren't suckers!! When it's time for bed, he'll run into his room, he used to lay down and just go to bed...now we put him in his bed and he immediatly says 'nuggle' (snuggle). The crazy thing is the routine now is to go in his room, snuggle and sing one song and then bed...that satisfies him now and once the song is done, he'll say "nigh-night" and go down like a champ!
  • If he likes something a lot, he'll say and sign "again" over and over...tickling, fish kisses, anything...he'll giggle and say "again"...it's adorable!!
  • If you ask Jack what we should have for supper, you'll get one of two answers: pizza or tacos...doesn't matter if we ate it for lunch and supper...he'll still say that! and that's what he still eats the best!
  • When you say it's time to go (or Jen told me when they go outside) Jack will go and find your shoes for you
  • He now dances to the Madagascar "I like to move it"...it's cute!
  • We went to the zoo last week and Jack knew most of the animals there....his favorite right now is the "elf-anants" If you ask him what he saw, that's what he'll say!
  • Jack will sign "I love you" (kind of...it's more like just raising his hand) but last week actually said love you to Aunt Stacy!

Thanks for coming to check on us...Jackson is growing and thriving so much! There have been times at my job when we'll have kiddos come through about the same age as Jack and it makes me realize just how advanced Jack is...it makes me know that Jon and I must be doing something right!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Here is a video we took tonight of Jack...a few of his new tricks! I didn't even know that he could count to 10 until last weekend...Jack and I were counting something (can't remember what now!) and he suddenly counted to 10! He's learning a lot at daycare which is exciting!

We just got back from an awesome week with my family. Reid, Stacy, Ethan and Rebecca flew up last Saturday and we got to spend the whole week at my parent's house in West Point. We went to the Henry Doorly Zoo with Jon's aunt Jeanne on Tuesday, saw all of the animals and went home exhausted! Thursday we headed into Lincoln to visit relatives. Oma and Opa took the kiddos home and the adults got to stay and hang out with Jay and David, which was wonderful to have some adult conversation without tackling a child! :) On Saturday, the weather wasn't the greatest but cleared up in time for an awesome firework show! The kids did much better than expected. No one cried or even flinched, in fact, Ethan and Jack both fell asleep part way through! Rebecca was sitting with me and when the finale started, it was super bright and she had to shut her eyes...it was cute! I'll post some pictures with the cousins soon!