Thursday, October 13, 2011

12 weeks are up!

And my 12 weeks with my beautiful children is coming to an end this week. And yes, I'm getting sad about this. The past 12 weeks...well, 5 months...have had our ups and downs and all arounds, but I wouldn't change any of it (except maybe the whole bedrest part!). But in all reality, it got us a beautiful, healthy daughter so I can't really be upset about that!

Our beautiful Kenzington has grown and changed so much over the past few weeks! She is so much more alert and interactive. It's awesome! Her smiles are frequent..especially in the mornings! Kenzi has found her voice and is starting to coo and talk a lot more. Yesterday, she figured out how to gurgle and make noises with her throat...it was adorable! The biggest (and probably best) thing is that she has been sleeping through the night!!! Yes, folks, you read that right!! For the past week, she has been sleeping from about 8:30-6! There was one night in there that she woke up at 4, but really, there is no complaining about that coming from this house!! If you remember, Jackson got up twice a night until he was about 13 months old...so Jon and I are THRILLED that she's sleeping so well!! It's amazing to feel rested! We're hoping this pattern keeps up! She'll start at Jen's house on Monday and I have no fears about it...sadness, yes, but fears and nerves...no. Jack is excited to have her come!

And speaking of Jack...have I mentioned how awesome of a big brother he has been?!?! He has been very attentive about getting Kenzi's pacifier when she's crying, going to talk to her if she's fussing, grabbing her blanket if she does her tired cry...he's figuring things out! I'm sure he'll be a great protector and helper at Jen's! And the biggest (and best) thing for Jack this month...he's been dry through the night!! We have been battling this for 2 years now and it seems as if it has officially happened (knock on lots of wood...we don't want to go back!). He is so proud of himself and so are we!! We told them if he stays dry for a month, then he can get a pet fish...he has to go until Nov 4th and we'll be getting a pet!

Please send out lots of prayers as I go back to work this next week. I have a feeling it may be a bit overwhelming getting two kids up and ready, trying to get Kenzi fed at the right time in the morning before we leave, getting Jack fed and all of us out the door by 7:30. Plus finding the time for our kids when we get home, all while getting supper ready, get all of the laundry done through the week, plus all of the other responsibilities that go along with kids, a house and life! I'm sure it will all be fine and will just fall into place, just as falling into a family of 4 was no big deal. But still...there are nerves. So pray that everything will work out!