Thursday, March 20, 2014

Back to her sassy little self!

Well, our little lady is back to her sassy little self! Everyone told me 10 days and I was hopeful it wouldn't take that long, but leave it to the experts...they were right! On Saturday, her entire persona changed! With a lot of Popsicles, Gatorade, fruit cups, and snuggles, we made it through the week. 

A quick story about our silly little girl. When we got to the hospital that morning and went to get her ready, they went to do her blood pressure. For those of you who have had it done...the machines they use get super uber tight, which Kenzi was not a fan of. Well, thanks to some Child Life knowledge, along with a mom who does BP checks on kids umpteen times a day, I told Kenzi to sing her ABCs while it was going and by the time she was done singing, it would be done. So when we got to recovery and got her settled down, they went to do her blood pressure and out sweet little Kenzi's tarted singing her ABCs. The nurse told us that as she was waking up and they did her BP, she had sang then as well and no one knew why! Even when we got to the Peds floor, she would sing until it was done! 

The big highlight of our week was the fact that Frozen came out on DVD. (And after watching Monster University at least 18 times last week, I'm ready for a new movie!) Let's just say that we've watched Frozen enough that Kenzi will quote the movie and both kids can sing most of the songs! Great musical with a great story. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Long time no see!

Sooooo....I have to be honest. Life got so crazy that I forgot that I even had this blog!! It hadn't even dawned on me that I haven't posted since Kenzi was 15 months old...15 months! 

Fast forward the past year and Jack has started Kindergarten and loves every minute of it! Kenzi is a fun and feisty 2 1/2 year old who loves singing, dancing, puzzles and reading. 

A friend asked me if I was still blogging...and oops! Forgot about that!

So the biggest update is that Miss Kenzi is getting her tonsils and adenoids out tomorrow. Jack had this done but was a year older than Miss K. She'll be in overnight for observation so Mommy will stay with her at the Castle. Wish us luck. Say an extra prayer for all of us and her doctor. I'll let you know how tomorrow goes!