Tuesday, February 17, 2015

It was good while it lasted...

25 days until 32 weeks
67 days until 38 weeks

Currently: 28 3/7 weeks

Well, work was good while it lasted, but unfortunately, it's not lasting any longer. My length dropped to 3-4mm, so home it is. They put me on the monitor and I had a few contractions, but nothing significant. 

Little Bean looked great today! He/she weighs in at 2 lbs 4 oz and had a heart rate of 144. On the monitor, the heart rate stayed around 145-155. Jon thought this picture looked like Kenzi today! 

So while I know we have a long way to go, I know this is what needs to happen. I gave work a chance and needed that for my own peace of mind and to know I tried...but it's not in the cards. Dr. McNamara is giving me two outings a week: my OB appointment and church. I'm grateful and thankful that I can go to church...I didn't get that chance with Kenzi. I've said this from the start...I prayed for years for a healthy baby. We can do this. This will alter our life for a while, but it is not forever...whatever needs to happen to have a healthy baby is what we'll do. Our faith and love will get us through all of this! 

Thank you for your continued prayers. We need them all! 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

28 weeks

28 days until 32 weeks
70 days until 38 weeks
Currently: 28 weeks
Happy Valentine's Day!! We've made it to 28 weeks today!! We don't have a lot of news right now. I went to work Friday afternoon and things went well. I felt fine, didn't have any problems and it was nice to see everyone again. But that's part of the problem...I've felt fine (minus two days when we did the steroid shots), but overall, I can't tell if things are worse or not, which is part of the challenge!
I'm going to work again on Monday and then go back to the doctor on Tuesday. We'll see then if I can continue to work half days or not.
We have to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has brought meals over, stopped for a visit, cleaned up our kitchen, and my colleagues who sent a huge box of yarn! It warms our hearts to have such love and support from everyone! Until Tuesday...have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feeling relieved

am feeling so relieved right now! I just got back from my appointment and everything is stable. Cervical length is holding steady around 6-7mm but still remains 'dynamic' in that it changes frequently in length. But stability is still stability and I will take it!! So we have a plan to go back to work for 4 hours on Friday and again on Monday. I will go back on Tuesday and as long as things stay stable and I am feeling fine, we stay on this plan. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

27 weeks

Well...here we are at 27 weeks!!! Not a great picture, but whatever...it's certainly a baby bump! What a huge sigh of relief to have hit 27 weeks...everyday is a better day than the last! 

My wonderful husband and son picked out this bright, new sweatshirt for me when they were running errands this weekend! Spoiled mama! 

We've had an interesting weekend, as Kenzi started spiking a temp on Thursday. I went to pick her up from daycare and she was laying on the floor, snuggling with her blankie. As soon as I got downstairs, she started crying, so I knew something was up! Her temp stayed around 100-101 but she acted ok. Yesterday, she acted fine, was playful and happy. Last night...different story! She was up at least 6-7 times....with angry noises, not crying, not screaming, just angry and not happy. We finally got her some Motrin and she fell asleep around 3. So Jon took her to Acute Care and sure enough...double ear infection, which is what I thought! So she bought herself 10 days of antibiotics, so hopefully will be a happier girl and finally eat something, as she hasn't eaten much except for breakfasts! 

I go back in on Wednesday, so please say an extra prayer for stability and many more weeks of baby cooking! 

I did finish a couple of going home hats for little bean! I love when I find a new pattern to love! 

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Day 7

38 days until 32 weeks
73 days until 37 weeks
Currently: 26 4/7 weeks
I had an appointment on Monday and everything is stable and staying steady, which is a blessing! We are almost to 27 weeks, which will be my first big sigh of relief. Dr. McNamara wants to keep everything the same and see if things are stable next week. If they are, then there is a possibility of going back to work for half-days and see if things stay stable. If they don't, then back home. At this point, I'd be happy with any return for any sort of hours! Three days a week, two days a week...anything! And at the same time, if being home is what needs to happen to keep this baby growing and staying put, then home it is. We take anything and everything we can to keep this baby cookin'!
Our little twinkle toes had a half-time performance last night! She spent most of her time crowd watching but certainly didn't miss her favorite dance moves!
Jackson also has his own dance moves, o one of his favorite dance songs (although hard to hear and much to his mother's dismay!). He is providing good entertainment for me when he gets home from school. It's a relief to when his smiling face walks through the door after school!
Until next week with the next update!