Thursday, April 9, 2015

ALMOST in the clear!!!

We are so close to being in the clear, I can smell it!! In less than 36 hours, we avoid an automatic admission to the NICU!! What a HUGE relief!!! I've always told Dr. McNamara that I am NOT taking that baby to the NICU if we don't have to...and unless something else crazy happens, not related to his/her gestational age!
I had another great appointment today. Little bean is weighing in at 5 lbs 13 oz *gasp* our biggest baby yet!! I'm actually surprised that this baby weighs that much already. Kenzi must really have that petite great-grandma Conrad gene in her...even from the start! I'm anxious to see how much this baby actually does weigh! Only a few more weeks to go until this baby's arrival!
I need to remember this.
When we began this journey, it began on a solid foundation of faith. Simple faith. And that is what has gotten me this far. Having pure faith is never always easy. You want to intervene with your own plan. Intervene with worry, intervene with anxiety. But I couldn't do that. I know that this baby has been fully wrapped in God's tender hand from the very beginning and before. This was a perfect quote to be reminded of...my faith tells me that NO MATTER WHAT lies ahead of me, whether that was the tears at the beginning, praying to not miscarry, tears when I got my cerclage, days turned into weeks which turned into months of sitting on our couch, days filled with prayer for a healthy baby, God is already there. And He always will be! That's what having faith is all about. It's not about showing up in church, how many bible verses you can say, it's about the faith in your heart that God is always there for you, always by your side and would do you no harm. Church and bible verses strengthen your faith, but it's not everything. You have to have the faith in the first place.
It has been a long 10 weeks and we are so close!! Jon is heading to Denison with the kids this weekend for our niece, Kirslyn's, baptism. It is so hard to miss it, but I know that driving 3 1/2 hours away isn't the best idea...even if I am going to be 36 weeks. I am sending all of my hugs, kisses and love with our kids and I know that they will deliver them all! They are crazy about Kirslyn and have been counting down the days, even when they just saw her last weekend!
And my last piece of exciting news is that I was offered a position as the Lead RN at our clinic! I had special permission to go and interview last week and am THRILLED to move into this roll! They are going to patiently wait for me, which I am very thankful for! So please pray for a smooth transition through all of the changes coming in our life! Who knows...the next update may be with our little bean safely and lovingly in our arms!!!

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