Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone had a very thankful Thanksgiving! My brother and his family came up from Texas last Saturday, so we've had a lot of great quality time with them! Jackson is learning how to share his toys with his cousins, Rebecca and Ethan, and it's going much better than expected!! Everyone ventured down to Nebraska on Wednesday and we had a great Thanksgiving meal yesterday. Now, because of the fact that we have 3 toddlers, our dinner lasted a total of 30 minutes before the kiddos were done sitting and ready to get down. So it made for some fast thanking!! The kicker of the day was supper time when Ethan kept pointing at something and no one could figure out what he wanted. We got him out of his seat and he pointed at the mustard and the cranberries. So needless-t0-say, most of Ethan's supper consisted of handfuls of mustard and cranberry sauce...and 5 helpings later, he was done! Anyway, we hope everyone has had a very wonderful Thanksgiving and remembers all of the reasons we are so thankful! I know we have tons of reasons at our house.

Oh yeah, Jack quote of the day: We asked him what made him happy...and he thought for a little while and then looked up at us with those big blue eyes and replied "JESUS" It was adorable!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Feeding Frenzy!!

So Jackson has been on a feeding frenzy/growth spurt lately!! On Friday afternoon, after his nap, he ate an entire cereal bar and a whole banana. For supper that night (which was only about 1 1/2 hours later), he ate two pieces of bread, a whole plate of spaghetti, 3-4 pear halves, plus 2 glasses of milk!
We're super excited because Uncle Reid, Aunt Stacy, Rebecca and Ethan are flying up on Saturday and will be here the whole week!! Jack keeps talking about it...I'm sure three toddlers running around our house could keep us all entertained!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Count all of your blessings and remember all that you are thankful for...I know our list is a long one!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ear and Tushy problems!!

So Jack woke up Sunday morning with really goopy eyes. Jon and I debated whether or not Jack had pink eye...so away Jack and I went...off to Acute Care (one of the germiest, worst places to go right now!!). We got there a few minutes before 10:00, thinking we'd be close to the first people there, so would avoid the germy crowd...strike 1!! There was already a line and when we got through, we were #16!! So I tried my best to keep away from any masked person there was...strike 2!! It seemed like every single time I sat down, some masked sick germy person would sit behind us or next to us. Don't know how many times we moved!! So we get back to see the pediatrician and she takes a look in Jack's ears and Jack has a MAJOR bulging ear infection...strike 3 against mommy!! For the past month, Jack has been sticking his fingers in his ears and saying "I'm plugging my ears" so we figured he learned how to stick his fingers in his ears. Last weekend, he did it again so I asked him what was wrong...so when he stuck his fingers in his ear and said "What's wrong in there?" I didn't think much of it! Talk about feeling like a terrible mother!! AND he had a fever about 3 weeks ago and I figured it was just viral so didn't take him in. So needless to say, I felt terrible about missing all of Jack's clues. So Dr. Carroll asks me which antibiotic works best for him and for the life of me, I couldn't remember! So she put him on Augmentin since it has the best coverage. Jack gets 3 doses of this lovely antibiotic and starts having nasty diapers....which leads to quite the diaper rash. I figured out something was wrong when I went to pick him up from Jen's house and when I went to sit him down to put his shoes on, he started screaming....went to put him in the car seat...screaming again! We got home and he started saying "my tushy hurts" over and over! He wouldn't sit down at ALL...not to play, not to eat...not for anything! He wouldn't even sit on my lap to read books...he slept on his tummy and everything. Jon stayed home with him yesterday because he was so miserable! Today was a better day but he keeps complaining that his tushy hurts. So hopefully his ears get better and his tushy heals quickly!!