Wednesday, August 24, 2011

We now have a 4 year old!!

Yesterday was an awesome day!! Jackson's 4th birthday was a success! Jon took the day off so it was even more special. We have a tradition of waking him up with a special treat. This year, it was a baseball cupcake. We had everything planned out...had the cupcake up and ready to go and then Kenzi needed to eat. Well, all of the sudden, we could hear Jack in the bathroom. (He's been getting up, going to the bathroom, getting dressed and then coming to wake me up lately) All of the sudden, a fully dressed Jack comes into our bedroom. Jon was lighting the candles and Jack asked what he was doing. I told him we had a surprise for him so he needed to go back to bed. He immediately drops his blanket and Mickey in it's place and ran back to his room. We look in and he is laying as stiff as a board...it was cute!

So we sang happy birthday and told Jack he could eat his cupcake. His response: "Maybe I should go eat it at the table so I don't get crumbs in my bed." Nice, Jack!

We got ready and then headed out for our day. We went up to the Children's museum in Brookings and had an awesome time!! They had so many fun things to do and Jack thought it was great. His favorite activities were climbing up to the clouds and the Wii in the fit room! He also had a great time outside, although was soaking wet when he was done! Good thing someone warned us to bring a change of clothes!!

After lots of fun at the kid's museum, we headed back to Sioux Falls for one of Jack's favorite activities...Mini-Golfing!! He, of course, wanted to play the water hole about 10 times and laughed every time that it came down the river and out the hole.

sorry...can't figure out how to rotate!

Probably the most exciting thing for Jackson was that he was FINALLY tall enough to ride the go-carts...with Daddy, of course! (He and Jon went mini-golfing for Father's Day and he wasn't tall enough yet!) So off they went with lots of excitement!

We ended our wonderful day with supper with the Mortensen clan at...wait for it...Pizza Ranch, of course!

We all had an awesome day and can't believe that our tiny Jackson is now 4 years old!! Jackson has blessed us with so many things, but most of all, we feel blessed to be his parents. He has brought so much happiness to our lives with his bubbly personality, sparkling blue eyes and contagious laugh! We love you, Jackson Conrad Burns, and can't wait to watch you grow up!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

One Month Old!

Kenzington is one month old today!!

I can't believe that an entire month has gone by...it seems like yesterday, yet feels like forever all at the same time!! This month has been great. She has become a lot more alert which is a lot of fun for all of us. Jackson LOVES to entertain Kenzi! He loves sitting with her and talking with her, singing to her, making faces...it's adorable!

The things we have learned about Kenzi:

She is definitely not a morning girl! She typically sleeps until 9:00. (one prediction verified!)
She HATES wet diapers...she basically cries as soon as its wet. It's the only time she really cries and gets panicky. Poopy diapers, for some reason, she doesn't mind...strange!
She's a night owl. (another positive prediction!) She'll fall asleep after supper and then wake up around 9:30 and stay up until 11:30. Hopefully that changes in a few weeks!

all of the projects that kept mommy sane!

Overall, this month has flown by and has been spectacular! We have truly been blessed with a very easy baby so far and a son who has transitioned nicely through all of these changes! Everyone always asks if the transition was difficult and our response is always the same...didn't seem to change things a whole lot. We are thankful that things have gone so well and that Kenzington is such a beautiful, easy going baby.

One happy bunch!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Picture time!!

We got our pictures back and they are AWESOME!! So excited about them!! Hard to pick what to order!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Two weeks old!

Today marks two weeks that we've had little Miss Kenzi in our life! And what a blessing it truly has been!! She is such a sweet little girl and has fallen into our lives as if she has always been here. Jon and I both can't believe it's only been two weeks! Seems like it's been forever.

Jack and I took her into my clinic on Tuesday to visit everyone and we weighed her while we were there. She's up to 5 lbs 9 oz, so past her birth weight and thriving!! She is starting to get these cute little cheeks going on! Not sure if she's put her weight anywhere else though! I'm just excited that she's starting to gain weight and grow more. We have Kenzi's 2 week check up on Monday and I'm anxious to see where she's at then!

We had pictures taken yesterday and saw a few of them...they are awesome! Jack did a great job and had lots of good smiles. Kenzi stayed awake for a good portion of the pics and then fell asleep just when she needed to. Jon thought the red tutu that I made was a bit over the top...until he saw it on her and then he did finally admit that it was cute! Can't wait to see the rest of them and get her birth announcements ready to go!!

Kenzi is starting to make her little squeaks as if she's hungry, so best go feed her and get her to bed! So far, many of my predictions have been true. This little girl sleeps until around 9:30 and then wakes up for a few hours and she likes to stay up at night! We'll see if any other predictions are true!!