Monday, September 19, 2011

Today is one of those days...

Today is one of those days where we realize just how truly blessed our family really is.

Kenzington is a few days shy of being 2 months old and every day, we thank God that she is a part of our family!
Our mornings are full of huge smiles and strong attempts at cooing.
 Our afternoons are loaded with snuggles and play time.
 She is a girl who loves her sleep and has done a great job at night! We are blessed with at least 4-5 hours of sleep at a time, a girl who wakes up, eats and goes back to sleep (most of the time!) and the best yet...a girl who sleeps in!
Kenzi has added so much joy to our life and we can't remember what life was like without her.

And then there's Jackson..a beautiful 4 year old son who is energentic, loving, full of spunk (and a little attitude at times!).
A little boy who yesterday while I was sewing, crawled up on the chair to watch me, leans around, gives me a kiss on the cheek and a soft, sweet 'I love you Mommy' before hopping down to finish playing zoo animals. A boy who would rather play baseball than do anything else in the world!
A little boy who has so many new lego creations and his eyes light up whenever he finishes one of them and proudly shows us his creation.
A little boy who nervously got ready for preschool, but walked into his classroom and never looked back.

A little boy who each morning, goes to tell the fish hello at preschool.

A little boy who loves his sister...who tells her every day how pretty she is...who stops what he's doing just to give her a kiss on the forehead.

Yes, we are blessed.
 Each and every day, we are thankful for all that God has given us.
A beautiful family.
A beautiful home.
 A beautiful life.