Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cruising right along!

33 weeks and we are cruising right along with this baby! Four more days until 34 weeks, which means we will have Jack's "record" beat and I am certainly glad to let Jack keep his record on this one!
We were sitting at the supper table last weekend and Jack was asking about how much longer it would be until Little Bean arrives. His teacher would be proud...math 101 for Jack!
Mom: I'm 33 weeks and the earliest we want Little Bean to come is 37 weeks. How many weeks is that?
Jack: 4 weeks
Mom: How many days in a week?
Jack: 7 days
Mom: Okay, so what is 7+7?
Jack: 14
Mom: What is 14+7?
Jack: 21
Mom: What is 21+7?
Jack: 28
Mom: That means we have 28 more days until we hit the earliest time for Little Bean to come.
HUGE SMILE from Jackson with a giddy giggle to go with it!!
We are trying to get ready...well, by trying that means that I am making a lot of lists of what needs to get done...furniture we need to move, things we need to get washed, baby items to get out, things that need to get purchased. I'm waiting until my cerclage comes out and then planning on heading to Target to get all of that (unless I get permission from my doctor for a special trip before that time!). One of those nesting things I really need to do myself...buy the diapers, get the bottles, all of the stuff ready for the hospital....organize the baby items...get ready for this baby to arrive! Only a few more weeks to go for that!!
Back in January, I'm not sure anyone else thought we would really make it this far. I knew in my heart that God would not give us this baby if we couldn't get the whole way without complications and an early delivery. It is what I prayed for...for years. I prayed for a healthy baby. I prayed for no hospitalization. Now, looking back, my mind was probably thinking bedrest...BUT I haven't been hospitalized for this pregnancy. I haven't been placed on super strict bedrest. With Kenzi, I was allowed to get up to go to the bathroom and take a shower every few days...not every day. I needed someone to drive me to the doctor. I was allowed to go downstairs for supper only. This pregnancy, while on bedrest, hasn't given me those restrictions...a true blessing. And with every prayer that has been lifted up, by us and for us, has given us this blessing! Every day, every kick, every time the kids feel this baby move, watching my stomach jump around...I know that it is all in God's hand...and having gotten this far and only had one blip of getting a cerclage placed, I know that is all Him. When you place something like this all in God's hands, you WILL see His hand in everything. Yes, there are times that a diagnosis isn't good and that things will be hard, but many times, when those people look back, they do see His hand somewhere...you just have to look for it. I could sit here and mope around, feeling sorry for myself that I haven't been able to work and have inconvenienced others, but I can't. God has given us this blessing and I need to look and find all of the small blessings He has given us through this time.
God knows. He hears us, friends. Read more here:
And so now we are on the downhill slope of this pregnancy. We are that much closer to having a baby in our arms!! And I am ecstatic! I can't wait to bring this baby into our family and into our lives. Kenzi has promised us all sorts of promises when she becomes a big sister...she won't yell anymore, she won't wake up crying, she will be nice all of the time....haha...we'll see how that goes! Here's to the next 25-40 some days until this baby arrives safely in our arms! Please pray for a safe entrance into this world and pray for our family as we get ready for this wonderful transition from a family of 4 to a family of 5!! We are giddy with anticipation and I can't wait!!

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