Saturday, February 20, 2010

...and the verdict is...

Well...change the verdict folks, Jack has RSV!! We sent off Jack's DFA to be cultured, since it was negative and, sure enough, I got a call from Acute Care on Thursday and his culture grew RSV. So now we're onto albuterol nebs (which he hates) and trying to keep his fever under control. Today is the first day since Tuesday that he hasn't run a fever...horray!!! Today is the first day he seems more like himself, but he still has quite the cough going on. He hasn't been sleeping the best, but it's not entirely his fault. Every day, either Jon or myself has to get up and go to work. Most nights this week, he has ended up in our bed because he wakes up coughing. Well if one warm body leaves, this wakes our little guy and he's up for the day! Not so cool when it's 6:00 (or earlier). We haven't been able to get him to go back to sleep, so he's a little tired. Naps have been average, but today he's perking up!

A quick Jack story...today I asked him what he wanted for lunch and his response (everyday this week) has been pizza! So I asked him if frozen pizza was okay (since I've made pizza a few times already) and his innocent face looked up at me and said, "No Mommy, I want hot pizza." Ahh...the innocence of children!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sick Days at the Burns house!

So it seems as if daycare is closed for other reasons, Jack seems to get sick...totally a fluke, I know...but kind of ironic! Jen called on Tuesday morning and said that she and Morgan were both sick with the stomach flu. So I stayed home Tuesday morning and Jon was home in the afternoon. Jack was great all day but when I called Jon when I got off, he had spiked a temp and started coughing. We decided to watch him yesterday and see what his temp did. Stayed under control most of the morning but when he went to go down for his nap...102.5...bummer! So by the time I got ahold of the doctor's office, it was too late in the day to head there. So off we went to Acute Care. While we were waiting, Jack told me that his throat hurt, "can you kiss it mommy?" "Sure...where at, Jack?" "Right here, mommy" I go to kiss his little throat (because we all know mommy's kisses make everything better!) and his poor little lymph node was quite swollen!! Well...1 throat swab, 1 finger poke, and 1 nose suck later...no straight answer. :( Well while we were there, some major bleeder came in, so we had to wait quite a while for the doctor to come back...2 1/2 hours to be exact!! While we were waiting, Jack kept saying, "I go to my house and sleep in my bed please." Then he goes, "I have an owie right here in my mouth." (pretty specific for a toddler!) Sure enough, I take a look at his gums and he has a little canker looking sore in there. I mention it to the doctor and bingo...answer is: hand foot mouth disease!! Which explains the high fevers and cough...so we're back to pushing fluids and watching his temp. Poor little guy didn't even want supper last night...we walked in the door and he immediatly asked to go to bed! That's never happened before!! So far today, he's been snuggly, still has a fever, but is doing alright. I haven't seen any more sores and no bumps on his hands or feet yet. Hopefully he keeps eating and drinking so we can stay out of the hospital. So far, so good, but it's only 9:00!

On a side note, Jon has been feeling fairly well since his surgery. Still a bit sore at times, but overall feeling good. We got more snow in Sioux Falls last weekend, to which Jack announced, "guess we have to scoop snow again!" when he saw it was snowing. The little guy loves to go push around snow with his Daddy! We were skyping with our Texas family and took the laptop outside to show them the snow...Stacy was amazed! And to top off the day, she even got to see someone snowblowing (something her Texas eyes have never observed!). We quickly reminded her that it's not all that it's cracked up to be!!! Especially in February...we've done this long enough!

And every update deserves some pictures...so here's some from the past few weeks!