Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a sense of amazement

Tonight was one of those nights were I realized that all of the things that we are doing for our kids are working. It was one of those gratifying parenting moments. I haven't had a ton of those, so when they happen, it's pretty awesome. Jon had gone to play basketball so it was just me and the kids tonight. Jack was playing nicely with Kenzi after supper. She was getting sleepy so I told him he could stay downstairs and play his new LeapPad or he could come upstairs and play it while I was getting Kenzi ready for bed. I sat down to nurse Kenzi and Jack sat down to play his LeapPad. All of the sudden, he looks up at me, in the middle of his game and says, "Mommy, you're so beautiful." and keeps playing his game. Just like that. A moment that I will never forget. The honesty and love of a child. And in that moment, I realized that we are doing something right...all of the times that we don't put up with Jack's mouthiness, or don't tolerate the new found attitude that he has sometimes, or make him use please and thank you, or expect him to have manners...it's paying off. In moments like this, it's all worth it. The frustration, the tears, the stubborness (me, stubborn...no way!), the zero-tolerance, the love we give, the affection we show...it's all working. Now tomorrow, could very well be a different day and he might have a different attitude, but for today...it's working. Even on the days that we make him so sad (as he says!) he still loves us. We still get tight hugs and 'one more kiss please' and it fills my heart with warmth. 

And with that, I didn't realize just how long it has been since I've updated! Yikes...a lot of things have happened since the last time...a family wedding, three holidays, one major illness, a new football rivalry (that we had the pleasure of attending!) and not much snow with it! Kenzi gave us a bit of a scare in December, when she didn't make a turn-around after getting a cold. We took her in and she had no neutrophils. To explain it as simply I can, neutrophils are the fighting part of white bood cells. So basically, she's going into battle, at the front line, with no bullets. After lots of prayers, trips to the hematologist, blood draws, and watching, she turned around and has done well since then. Her hematologist is hopeful that it was a one time, viral suppression so we'll see what she does the next time she gets sick. She's had a cough now since Christmas and hasn't had fevers, so we're hopeful that it wasn't anything major. Terrifying and scary, but hopefully part of her past!

Kenzi will be 6 months old on Sunday...where did the time go?!?! She's still a peanut...last time we weighed her, she tipped the scale at a wopping 12 lbs 5 oz! (Now granted, she had gained about 1 1/2 lbs in almost 2 weeks) She has her 6 month check up in a few weeks so we're hopeful that she's over 13. She started cereal and loves it! I got a baby magic bullet for Christmas, so started making some baby veggies for her. She LOVES them! I had gotten some baby food and tried it with her...she gagged (we're blaming Aunt Nikki for that trait!) on everything. So I made some peas...she gobbled them up with no problem. So far, our list is sweet potatoes, peas, and avacado...green beans are on the menu for tomorrow! No more store bought baby food for this house! She has started sitting up by herself, still tipsy, but getting better every day!

Since it's been such a long time since I've updated, I'm going to overload this post with some pictures!

              Our kids don't love their blankies AT ALL :)                      


Jack loves to feed her...he's an awesome brother!

Merry Christmas!

Getting pretty good at this new skill!
Kenzi and her new BFF, Macie