Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Year Later...

     So once again...it's been a while and I'm sorry! Life gets crazy and before I know it, it's been over a month.
     This week sparks a lot of emotions on my end. A year ago from last Sunday was when I went into the hospital. All of those emotions...fear of the unknown, terror, scared, missing my guys, worried about work, instability...all of it comes rushing back as I think about it all.
     I think about the sacrifices that everyone made to help me stay pregnant. Jon essentially becoming a single dad for a few weeks until help could arrive...the stress of getting Jack to daycare, working all day, getting supper ready, trying to get up to the hospital, get Jack to bed...all that he had to do and at the same time, try and keep me calm! Phew...it's a lot to ask of one person!
     I think of my mom, who left my dad for the summer, who had to take on the role of mom to Jack, who got to be my mom again and take care of me, who did our laundry, did our dishes...all of it because she loves us!
     I think of Jack, the growing up he had to do, the confusion, the randomness of our summer, the testiness that he did, yet all at the same, he just conformed to what needed to happen!
     Heck, I even think about the doctor I work for...the incovinence of not having one nurse who knows his patients, the stress of wondering how long I'd be gone, the work he had to take on because I was gone.
     And now we're back to me...and my emotions. I understand how crazy long 10 weeks was when I was there, but now that it's a year later, I think it will have an entirely different meaning.
     Which brings me to what this year has brought us. It has brought us a beautiful baby girl. A baby girl who gives "funny faces." A baby girl who now dances to music. A baby girl who points at her dad, says "da, da" and giggles. A baby girl who lays her head on your shoulder for just a few seconds, as if she's actually giving hugs.
     A year later, I wouldn't change a thing. Would I change the stress and inconvience of all of it? Yes. Would I change the chance to spend the summer with my mom? No. Would I change the fact that we had a healthy baby girl after all of that effort? Absolutely NOT! We have one gorgeous little girl who has blessed us with so much! It's amazing the difference a year makes. I hope each of you can find some sort of blessing in every situation. If I can find blessings in a 10 week bedrest, you can find blessings in everything! Here's some new pics of the family!

Kenzi's yoga pose!

Funny Face

Jack's big jump!

Flying Kenzi