Thursday, April 23, 2015

All in Due Time!

So here we are...a week off bed rest and no Little Bean yet! But I have gotten so many things done in just a week! I've cleaned up landscaping things, deep cleaned the living room and kitchen...packed lol of the bags, AND gone back to work! 

I went back on Monday and it feels great to be back...I'm only working 4 hours a day but it feels wonderful! I'm hoping that being up and around more will help this babe decide to make his/her grand entrance into this world! We are all getting very anxious about this. Kenzi has been fairly insistent that she is going to be a big sister on Friday, so hopefully she's right! I've been trying to go for walks to try and build up some more endurance, which went out the window with this bed rest...and hoping it'll start some labor! 
I keep reminding myself to just be patient, but it does put the thought into my head that I spent all this time keeping this baby in and now he/she won't come out! I know that every day of bed rest was important and necessary but it still feels odd...and makes me wonder if that strict of bed rest and staying down for everything except my dr appt and church was really needed....oh well! It has gotten us to full-term and a (hopefully!) healthy baby! 

And I need to remember to simply have faith and know that God has the best timing yet...and I need to let go of the fact that I may miss Kenzi's dance recital and we may miss the wedding we're both hoping and praying we get to go to, but God knows the perfect time...not us! And I need to simply trust...as I have this entire pregnancy, from start to finish. 

Please pray for a fast, easy delivery and that I go on a day that Dr. McNamara is there and on call. It would feel wrong to have him put forth so much time and effort, words of encouragement, and at times, a lot of hand-holding, to keep this kiddo in to not get the prize of bringing this babe into the world! 

Until next time...and hopefully it's an update with a baby! 

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