Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jackson Conrad!!

Jack had an awesome 3rd birthday!!!  No party would be complete without great friends and family, lots of smiles, great presents, a cool cake and tons of fun!  When you as the big guy, his favorite gift was the 3D elephant picture that Aunt Boo Boo got him!  I mean, come on, when you consistently have been asking for an elephant for your birthday, how does that not top the list?!?!  :) 

Jack was super excited to get a new digital camera, which he promptly needed opened and has proceeded to take lots of pictures of people's legs and other odd things.  The biggest surprise to both Mom and Dad was how awesome Jackson did with his new big boy bike.  Neither of us thought he'd be tall enough to reach the pedals and really get going.  Boy did he prove us wrong!!  He got right on that bike, started pedaling like he had been for years and away he went!!  Up and down the sidewalk, around the corners at high speeds...he did awesome!! 

This morning, Jack got woken up with candles on his birthday cookie.  Yes, everyone gasp and pick up your jaws!  We let him have a monster cookie for breakfast in bed!!  He thought that was great!!  Then Mommy headed off to work and Daddy took over birthday duties.  Jack got to pick whatever he wanted to do!  Fishing and mini-golfing it was.  What a Daddy!!  Jack had so much fun and couldn't stop talking about it!  Tonight, we attempted to go to Daddy's softball game....attempt being the key word!  We got there, it started sprinkling.  Jack really wanted to go, so we went.  Pretty soon, it's sprinkling more steadily...and then suddenly, here comes the rain!  Daddy ran in from the field and finally convinced Jack we needed to go home.  So grab my purse, attempt to hold on to the blanket, pick up Jack and run!  Hauling a now 3-year-old is hard work!  Man oh man, was I wiped!!  Jack thought it was hilarious running in the rain.  When we got home, all he wanted to do was feel the water from the rain spouts...didn't bother him at all that we were both soaked!!   

Jackson, we both love you to the moon and back a million times!!  You have brought us so much love and joy over the past 3 years!  Thank you for all of the lessons you have taught us, all of the love you have shown us and all of the wonderful years to come!!  We love you!!