Monday, December 7, 2009

Proud Moments


One of our favorite things about being parents is bedtime! (I know...not most people's favorite activity!) Our routine consists of rocking and reading books and then Jackson runs off into his room and crawls into his bed. He wants to be "wrapped up" (tucked in) and then says his prayers. Jack loves to have some songs sung to him before bed. We have quite the list of bedtime songs, but one of those songs we have sung to him since we brought him home from the hospital, which is Beautiful Boy by John Lennon. Tonight I was making supper and heard Jack singing it while he colored!! It is so amazing to know that he is learning and catching on to the many songs that we sing to him! Now when he sings, he most often just repeats the same phrase over and over, but I love listening to him sing songs and seeing how proud he is of himself.

Speaking of being proud...we have started potty training and it is going amazingly well!! We started this weekend after he went #1 on his own 2 different times he tried. He's still having a few issues with #2, but overall he's doing really well!! I always hoped we would have this accomplished by Christmas and never thought it would be possible! We're all pretty excited about this!!