Monday, May 25, 2015

1 month old!

Our sweet Iken is one month old today! What a difference a month makes! I'm convinced I'm making up for lost time on bed rest, as we have been all over the place! Makes it seem like it couldn't possibly only be a month! When Ike was 1 week old, we traveled for a wedding in Minneapolis and this weekend, we went to see Aunt Dawn, Uncle Ryan, Dylan and Austin in Williamsburg! How many 1 month old babies can say they've been to three states already! 

I took Iken into my clinic  about a week ago and he was up to 7 lbs 12 oz! He had dropped down to 6 lbs 2 oz after he was born, so he is making up for it now! He is sleeping like a champ and getting up around 1:30-2:00 and then again around 6:00. 

He managed to roll from his front to back twice when doing tummy time! He gets his head bobbing and his little leg going and flips himself right on over! I think it scared him a bit, as each time he just cried! 

Jackson & Kenzington have made a full adjustment having Iken around and the only argument is over who gets to hold him first! We've been introducing bottles since Ike is now taking some Zantac for reflux and they argue over who gets to give it to him. Both do a fantastic job and are great big brother and sister! 
This feels so true right now. Every day I wake up, I see our beautiful children and their smiles and get this overwhelming sense of blessings...when I have Ike look up at me when he is nursing with those huge eyes of his, when Kenzi stops what she is doing and just turns around to say 'I love you' or when Jackson loves on his sister and brother...we are truly thankful for all that God has given us. These are the moments I cherish and treasure. I keep reminding myself everyday that life could always change in an instant and that I need to remember these moments and not take advantage of the time I get to be with Ike. The dishes can wait, that dust can wait...I need to take every snuggle that I can get, as I will never get this time with him again! I have 8 more weeks to cherish with him and will love every minute learning more about his little personality, his likes and dislikes! 

Our summer has officially started and we will be in full swing in no time! Jackson just finished soccer and has baseball as well. His first game was cancelled due to weather and he missed a game on Fri since we were traveling, so he'll have his first game tonight! He's pretty excited about it! The kids have VBS this week and will enjoy the fun that it brings...as well as having the Hennen kids for the week as well! This summer will be busy, but fun! 

Ike's baptism is in a few weeks, so will update then! 

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