Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kenzington's New Room!

Kenzi's room has gone from a nursery to a big girl room over this past week! She inherited the basement furniture and Jon diligently sanded, painted and moved everything last week. Our amazing neighbor, Amy, came over and helped to arrange her room, as I am terrible at that kind of thing and then last night, helped to hang things up on the wall and get things arranged the right way! (And yes, there are no pictures in some of the frames...ok, any of them...but this will be done soon!) I started working on her bedspread a while ago, but now that we need a full-size one, I need to get more fabric! My mom is helping to get it done, as it is slightly time consuming! I'll post pics as soon as that is done! So the Cinderella blanket will have to do for now!

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