Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Latest checkup

Iken was in to see Dr. Hagar last Friday and got a good report! He tipped the scale at 10 lbs 1.6 oz and was 21 3/4" long, putting him around the 20th and 10th percentile respectively! He does have some reflux going on, but it is well controlled with Zantac. Poor little guy just arches and pukes if we forget a dose! 

Iken does have some mild torticollis going on right now, nothing bad, but we do need to correct it so he doesn't get a flat head. He is going to go see my good friend, Dan, at the Castle to get stretches and see what to do! 

Wish me luck tomorrow, as Jackson, Kenzi and myself all have dentist appointments tomorrow, which Iken gets to come along for! I'm praying that the kids (all 3!) do well and we sail through it without any issues! We then have to turn around to go to PT for Iken. Phew...mama may need a drink tomorrow night...or rather some ice cream!! 

We're starting to catch a few smiles here and there! 

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